Fall Bucket List Book Tag

Hey there, readers! I found this tag while scrolling through blog posts and I thought this one looked really fun, so I decided to do it, even though I wasn’t tagged!

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  • Feel free to use any of my graphics in your post, or create your own!
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zero's journey
This one was kind of hard for me to think of because I tend to read dark books, but I recently got an ARC of this manga and it was amazing. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas and coming back to this world was super nostalgic.


sorcery of thornsThis was very hyped and I was a bit disappointed. I still don’t get why everyone is going on about this book. Yes, the magical library was a unique concept, but I personally felt that it could have been better.


harry potterI obviously have to go for any of the Harry Potter books, but I’m going to go for Sorcerer’s Stone just because it was where it all began. I wish I could read these books for the first time all over again!


People are going to roll their eyes BUT HERE ME OUT! This graphic novel was adorable and it gave me all the fall feels. It even made me hungry with the harvest festival treats! I think it’s a must read!


I have to go with Emoni for this one. The book was all about her cooking delicious meals and even had a few recipes that anyone could try if they wanted! I wish Emoni was real, I’d hire her to be my personal chef!


finaleFinale was my most anticipated book of the year! I adore the Caraval trilogy and I got the ending I wanted. I was literally jumping for joy reading some of the scenes in this book.


This was a super fun tag! Hope you enjoyed this, friends. I will tag The Bookworm ChroniclesScribbles & WanderlustThe Book CorpsA Little Haze Book BlogA Book A ThoughtThe Book Of Jess  and The Book Mermaid!

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Disclaimer: All book covers were taken off of the Goodreads website. All rights and acknowledgements go to the people at Goodreads.

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